Diksha Portal new course start 2021 for Teacher training

Diksha Portal new course start 2021 for Teacher training

Implementation of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Coursesin the States.

Pravasi Shikshako ni bharti karel mudat lambavava babat latest circular

The teacher should be ethical, virtuous and virtuous. Students should be given an excellent education for their livelihood. The teacher who earns his living on the money of the students should see the students perform their duty by showing them the highway of life. This is the religion of the teacher and that is the duty of the teacher. Again, we may be asked, 'Is it to teach the curriculum?' Or 'To guide the way of life?' What is the true duty of a teacher? To understand the duties of a teacher we must understand the types of teaching. There are two types of education -
(1) Business oriented
(2) Behavioral

Primary school na shikdhako na pagar bhaththa sivay na areas bill mangavava babat latest circular date 15-11-2021

 Everything we currently study for degrees is called vocational education.  This type of education is limited to employment.  The main purpose of this education is to develop intelligence, to make a person proficient in business and to enable him to earn the money he needs for his livelihood.  This education is essential for making a person literate.  Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.  Practical education is needed to make a living.  Without vocational education, people will not become literate, as a result illiteracy will spread in the society.  So business-oriented must be in the required amount.  In earlier times the people in the villages were very superstitious, they were stuck in warp-thread.  Not anymore.  Public awareness has increased the literacy rate in the society.  There is a problem even if vocational education is given alone. 

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