Submission regarding change in leave rules of fixed salary emloyees

Submission regarding change in leave rules of fixed salary emloyees

Accommodation with respect to change in leave rules of fixed compensation workers 

Fixed compensation representatives get just 12 easygoing leave. No other occasion benefits. Clinical leave is additionally not accessible. Simultaneously, there is a great deal of disarray in the advantages of clinical leave. Along these lines, to improve this issue just as to give the advantage of leave, an introduction has been made by Gujarat State Employees Federation. 

Fixed Salary Employees right now have CL (1) 15 unique leave for each year which doesn't accumulate more than 50 and (2) 10 full compensation and 30 half compensation clinical leave (for own ailment just) which is convey forward . , But it has a strategy of endorsement which is given by the secretary of the office * (because of which the majority of the leave is forthcoming for a half year). 

This approach has been altered and the accompanying portrayal has been made in the interest of Gujarat State Employees Federation, 

1. Arrangement of uncommon leave 30 and convey forward 

. . Clinical leave ought to be applied not exclusively to one's own disease yet in addition to the sickness of individuals falling under the meaning of family and arrangement ought to be made for such leave to be authorized by a capable expert instead of the Secretary of the Department. 

. Giving the advantage of two discretionary leave. 

Every one of these requests don't force any monetary weight on the public authority and the requirement for leave to the workers during this crown period is sure, considering the requirement for the public authority to take a positive choice on this issue. 

The Government of Gujarat has selected fixed compensation representatives in every division. Essentially, since 1998, a fixed compensation has been delegated in the instruction office from Balguru. And afterward he is named as an instructive right hand with a fixed compensation of Rs. 2500. From that point forward, pay scales have additionally been reexamined according to a periodic corrections yet nothing exceptional has been changed in the advantage of occasions.

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