Computer Launcher 2 APK Download Free 2020, Best Computer Application for free

Computer Launcher 2 APK Download Free 2020, Best Computer Application for free 

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for the work station style launcher on your Android? 

PC Launcher 2 is a brilliant application for you to encounter the Computer in Windows 10 Style UI. 

Work station Launcher 2 Design:Computer Launcher 2 for Win 10 is here for you (Inspired by Windows 11 idea). Tweak your telephone with the novel look and feel of the quickest launcher. Stun your adored one with the PC look of your Android and furthermore share it with your friends and family. 

Backing File managerWith worked on the side of File Explorer and File Manager you can look and investigate your documents and Folder, Copy, Paste, Zip/Unzip, RAR, Delete Files, Share Files, and can do significantly more... 

Investigate your document framework with this straightforward and effective record wayfarer and document chief in local personal computer plan. You will be stunned at the interface that takes after my PC's registry. PC Launcher 2 Pro is wonderful! 

✫ Create folderClick on the screen at that point select make an organizer as the envelope will be made. 

Organization Sharing of records and envelopes: 

Offer your records and organizers with different clients of PC launcher 2 over a WIFI organization. Access your documents wherever over FTP/LAN. 

Highlights 1.0: 

- Computer Launcher 2 style Start Menu 

- Best application are accessible on One Click - Create Shortcuts of most utilized application on Desktop by press and Hold Feature. 

- Easy Navigation to the Apps 

- Built on the side of File Explorer in Computer Launcher 2 

- Create Folders, Cut, Copy, Paste, Move, Share, and so forth 

- Listing of the entirety of your drives, SD Card, Storage, sound and video records, and pictures in PC style. 

- Computer Launcher 2 Taskbar 

- put the records to Recycle Bin and erase later in win 10 style 

- Built-in ZIP uphold permits you to decompress or separate ZIP/RAR documents 

- Action Center. Notifier Center: Like the success 10 launcher, the PC additionally has an activity place bar. 

Highlights 2.0:- Computer Launcher 2 Desktop Widgets 

- Android O type work area menu 

- Drag and drop Improved 

- Clock Widget 

- Weather Widget 

- RAM data gadget 

- Changeable work area envelopes 

- Live Wallpapers 

- Photo tiles inconsistent 

- Task-bar symbols removable 

- Desktop App Folders 

- Weather, Calendar and Photos tiles Added 

- Task-bar Transparency choice added 

- Improved Themes Compatibility 

- Multi-Tasking Made discretionary (empower/debilitate from settings) 

- Lock Screen 

- Multi-Color Support for Taskbar and menu 

- Themes and Icon Pack - Android TV/Tablet uphold 

- Hide Applications 

- Desktop Icons Removable 

- Add Applications in Start Menu (Paid Only) 

- Built-In Gallery Feature added 

- Photo Tile variable 

- Widgets in work area mode 

- Built-in applications (Photo watcher)

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