Conductor documents verification for selected candidates 2021-22

Conductor documents verification for selected candidates 2021-22

Name of organization :- GSRTC

Name of post :- conductor

Important for :- document verification list

Date of issue :- 


List of candidates to be called for verification of original certificates in conductor level / height measurement  Candidates will be recruited for Sarshe Khit examination on 9/31.  Which has been published on the website of Paribhramana.  In which they decide on the category wise places to be found in Marathas. Before making a newly selected contestant, a good pujan candidate mentioned in the advertisement and written examination collator will see the details in the online application form.  S.P.  Non-cribilver c for class distinctions.  Candidates are required to check the question papers regarding the details given in the new application form as well as for their measurement.  Ta.  Till 10/108, one number of application form filled with his identity card, 195, all original certificates, three passport size photos, certified Karangzerox copy with page number is asked to be present.  2) To state in Visakhapatnam that Mandwana will have a saline certificate, but if not submitted, then later in such certificate, not even new and not even considered the subject matter will be taken into consideration.  If even after the appointment is found to be invalid, the appointment of such candidate will be canceled from the date of appointment and legal action will be taken against him.  

Category Name [1] Verification of Ghumro with application form Parts or other details to be re-examined Corporate's policies Policy Debt, Judy or required Certificate Candidate fails to meet the required Audi height.  During the verification of life certificates, the provision of the corporation in the debtor Lapan nothing.  Many pests will be submitted which will not be valid as per the rules of Nainigam. 

(2) Candidates are invited to verify the original credentials of the online application form so that they do not go directly to the candidate level.  Does not live.  Unexplained Black Unexplained Moba Baap Khabar Narm (EWS)(part of this page [2] is the GVITage marks of the caterpillar loss academic brahmins and.  As per the policy rules, only the candidates who are barred for verification of Sad Certificates are called. Out of these candidates, the details of the Pat Marks of the category wise candidates are given below. 
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