World environment day quiz 2021 5th june world environment day 2021 What is theme of world environment day 2021 Online quiz for world environment day

World environment day quiz 2021
5th june world environment day 2021
What is theme of world environment day 2021
Online quiz for world environment day 

Friends, today the whole world is suffering from a serious problem of pollution.  Recently, schools in Delhi were declared closed for a few days due to high levels of pollutants in the atmosphere.  The world today is heading for a serious crisis due to industries, transportation and many types of man-made pollution.  November 26 was declared by the United Nations as "World Environment Day" with the great aim of protecting the environment and raising awareness about it.
The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) organizes a variety of programs around the world to protect the environment globally.  In the last two-three decades, the whole world has felt that there is a real need to give special importance to the preservation of the environment and related programs.  World Environment Protection Day is celebrated by various countries in the name of environmental protection by taking this issue seriously.  The amount of natural resources on earth is limited.  We will be able to use it for the longest time only if human beings use it sparingly and do not take any action that is harmful to the environment.  With the development of industries, the balance of the environment was disturbed.  Over time, this has accelerated and pollution has increased to such an extent that holidays have to be declared in legal schools in big cities like Delhi.  Some days plans had to be made to drive only a certain number of vehicles.  
Proceedings are underway to cancel vehicles older than some time.  We all know that the time has come to live in a gas chamber.
Awareness among the people is needed to some extent if promotional measures are taken in the midst of environmental protection issues.  

Some social organizations and NGOs are organizing various programs for the preservation of the environment but the question is how much benefit they get from it.  It is certain that the indifference of governments and the neglect of our own obligations to the environment will be a threat to our future.
 Environmental problems like greenhouse effect, global warming, climate change are global problems. The whole world is worried about global warming right now.  The temperature of the whole earth is increasing day by day.  The environment is losing its balance due to global warming.  Extreme heat, heavy rainfall, and erratic seasons are common.  It is undeniable that the rate at which the world is currently experiencing rapid economic growth is suicidal.  If this development is the end of mankind, then why is that development useful and why?  This development emits huge amounts of carbon dioxide.  Which is the root of global warming and its catastrophic evils.  Therefore, we urgently need to radically change the current development system and its priorities and strategies.  The protection of the environment is essential for the protection of human beings and the entire ecosystem.  The countries of the world urgently need to adopt this kind of environmentally friendly "eco-friendly" development.  This type of development protects and nurtures the environment and biological ecosystems, which we call environmentally friendly development.  In which we nurture natural resources and the environment.  Do not exploit.

The protection of the environment has become a matter of concern for every country.  There have been active efforts at the international level for the protection and promotion of the environment.  The main agreements are as follows.