Dava na Packet & Symbols Vishe Jano

Dava na Packet & Symbols Vishe Jano

New Delhi: On the advice of a doctor, you can go directly to a medical store and take medicines.  You will also see its rate while taking the medicine.  But did you know that there is one more thing you need to keep in mind when buying drugs?  Because taking the wrong medicine increases the hassle ... Learn how.

Red bar
You may have seen a red stripe on the medicine strip while taking the medicine.  This drug cannot be sold without a prescription.  Also, you should not take this medicine without consulting a doctor.  Medications are treated with a red band to prevent misuse of antibiotics.  

What does Rx mean?
If you have ever noticed, many drugs have Rx marks on the top of their names.
These drugs are given to a patient who is prescribed by a doctor.  Do not take these drugs without doctor's advice. If NRx is prescribed.

NRx is also written on the name of the drug.  These drugs can only be prescribed by a doctor who has a license to prescribe drugs.
 These drugs are only available to doctors who have a license.  These drugs cannot be purchased from a medical store.  Even if he has a prescription written by a doctor.

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