Gujarat students can now study engineering in Gujarati language.

Gujarat students can now study engineering in Gujarati language.  

Colleges increased but seats remained vacant Council decision: Recognition of eight other languages ​​besides English, 11 more likely to be recognized Gandhinagar: The All India Council for Technical Education has decided to offer engineering in eight Indian languages ​​besides English to address the growing shortage of students in engineering colleges across the country, including Gujarat.  

From the new academic session, engineering courses can be started in different languages.
The reason behind allowing engineering courses in regional languages ​​is to fulfill the dreams of students from rural as well as tribal areas.  As most of the students in Gujarat do not know the English syllabus properly, as per the decision taken in the circumstances where they are running away from this field, now the students will also be able to choose the syllabus in Gujarati.

The Council for Technical Education wants to provide courses in English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam as well as Gujarati.  It is worth mentioning that even abroad, countries like Germany, France, Japan and China are teaching students in their local language in addition to English.
 Anil Sahastrabuddhe, chairman of the All India Council for Technical Education, said that education in the mother tongue would enable students to better understand the basic principles of engineering.  For this reason languages ​​have been added to the curriculum.

The council received about 500 representations to start the course in the regional language.  Recognition of 11 more languages ​​for engineering courses in the future is under consideration.  Educational materials in all languages ​​will be provided by the council in the online portal.

According to the government's education department, the number of engineering seats in Gujarat was 73,500 in 2019-20, but 45 to 55 per cent of the seats remain vacant every year, reducing the number of engineering seats to 63851 in 2020-21.  Similarly, the number of diploma seats after Std-10 has come down from 74,715 to 56,085 in a year.
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