Police Inspector interview Pdf by Ice Academy What is an interview for Police Inspector

Police Inspector interview Pdf by Ice Academy
What is an interview for Police Inspector ?

Therefore, the qualification that you are expected to have for the job of P. is the qualification  What is your attitude toward hardships?  Do you have the ability to cope with adversity?  Why the interview?  What do you expect during the interview?  While prelims and mains are a test of your knowledge, an interview is a test of your personality.  You have knowledge, but how much is the ability to use that knowledge?  Are you eligible for the PI position if you have subscribed?  And if you qualify, what is the qualification?  Interviews are conducted to find out.  Is it in you or not?  An attempt is made to check that during the interview.  Are you optimistic or pessimistic?  To what extent are you optimistic?  What is your attitude toward life?  How many storms come in life, adverse circumstances and life?  Are you really interested in becoming a PI?  How much is the logistics?  Are you interested in the post or in the post?  Are you interested in the position or the responsibility that comes with the position?  Do you have the ability to handle PI responsibilities?  Are you really interested in fulfilling that responsibility?  How dedicated are you to the job?  Do you have a sense of complete dedication to the job?  Do you have agility, quickness and alertness with your knowledge and skills?  Do you have such virtues as patience, courage, self-confidence, self-esteem, humility, discretion, values, honesty, goodwill?  Are you aware of state, nation and international current affairs?  Do you have the ethics, the sociality, the spirit of helping others, the spirit of teamwork, sportsmanship and quick decision making?  You can play sports, NCC.  , N.S.S.  And participated in other activities?  Do you have faith in the country's constitution, judiciary and legal system?  If so how much  All of this is checked during a P.I. interview.

The biggest obstacle to an interview is the phobia.  How do you prepare for this interview?  Candidate should make complete preparation of the details given in his / her biodata.  If you have any questions about your hometown, your studies, your job, your occupation, your hobbies, etc., you should be prepared.  Why are you P.I.  Want to be?  You need to have the right answer to that question.  You pi.  Do you deserve to be?  You need to have a clear idea of ​​that.  You should know your strength and your weakness.  What are your topics of interest?  You should have complete and latest information about the topics of interest to you.  If you have any questions about this, be prepared.  What do you do in your spare time  If such a question is asked, you should be prepared for it.  You need to be aware of your strengths and your unique accomplishments.  Opportunity should be displayed discreetly.  Just get rid of that fear.  So that you can interview confidently, fearlessly, instinctively.  For this you can resort to mock test.  You should have as much information as possible about Gujarat's geography, Gujarat's history, Gujarat's specialty, Gujarat's society, Gujarat's cultural heritage, Gujarat's current economic, political, social status.  You should be aware of India's geography, India's history, India's cultural heritage, India's current economic, political, social situation.  Current Streams of Gujarat and India) You should also be aware of the current problems of Gujarat and India and important events of the present time.  You should also be aware of the most important international issues and developments.  In short, you should already be equipped to give accurate and effective answers to all the questions that the interviewer is likely to ask you.  One thing to keep in mind while preparing for the interview is that you are not going to impress a normal person, but you are going to impress a very experienced and expert person in your field.  The interviewer panel is very experienced.  Therefore, he will not have a lie at all.  One glance at the panel or one word from you is enough for them to recognize you.  So policy, rule, values, goodwill, restraint, patience, honesty, real attitude, maturity ... all these should become a part of your life from now on.  The fabrication will not work at all.  So, be prepared to be interviewed instinctively, just as you are.  Your simplicity, simplicity, honesty, openness, value, alertness, are your capital that can touch the interbhupanel.  So be prepared for this already.

EMIS taken before the interview Pan - Masala - Gutkha etc. When you go to give an interview before going for an interview, everything from documents to press-ups should be fine.  If any of these are bad, your confidence level will automatically drop and you will see on your face how nervous you are about the interview.  Document - Prepare the certificate file already organized.  Your knowledge alone does not seem to work during interbudder.  Your appearance also plays an important role in this process.  Your attire should be plain and simple but also attractive.  Your clothes should be clean and well ironed.  There should not be too much stuff in the pocket.  The use of perfume should be avoided.  The face and hands should be clean and tidy.  The hair should be well combed and the nails should be clean.  The boot should be black or dark brown in color and properly polished.  The color of the socks should match the pants-shirt.  The interview venue can be set up with an atmosphere that arrives a little early from the time of the interview.  Women candidates should not wear excessive makeup.  019810/99280 01110 During an interview your appearance should be full of maturity and confidence.  Relax during the interview, see the interview as a conversation, not as an inquiry.  Having your happy mood makes the atmosphere during the interview very pleasant.  Your sweet smile, handshake, eyes (eye contact) say a lot.  Listen to the pro carefully.  Give a clear and thoughtful answer.  Avoid giving round answers.  Waste the interviewer's time.  Do not behave as you would like to in this job but present how ready you are for the job.  Don't interrupt.  Answer the question briefly.  Don't complain.  Thank the interview panel with the appropriate gestures at the end of the interview.  Present your ideas freely, but clearly.  Don't try to be smarter, just accept what you don't know.  Stay away from smallness and gravity glands during the interview.  Only use pure language during the interview.
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