Home Learning Video Std 6 to 8,DD Girnar Date-27-01-2021,Home Learning Educational Video

Home Learning Video Std 6 to 8,DD Girnar Date-27-01-2021,Home Learning Educational Video

People go abroad when they are unaware of their own state and then most of the country.  If we look at it this way, our India is so diverse that there is no need to go anywhere else.  From the snowy plains to the very Surat mountains, all kinds of natural beauty reside here.  Apart from that, the forests of Croquet like Mumbai are just as much Surat.  Gujarati people are very fond of traveling and most of them prefer to travel to foreign countries or if the budget is less then they are going to travel to other states.  In the end, they have to go to Mount Abu in Rajasthan. However, today we will tell you about the only tourist destination in Gujarat where you can have a good fun with your family at low cost.  That too with our own Gujaratis .. Listening and speaking different accents of Gujarati languages. Girnar

 The most important pilgrimage place of Gujarat and the best elevation is Junagadh. Now Girnar is known for its Gir forests.  Girnar is the highest mountain in Gujarat.  Girnar waterfalls, springs and many herbs found here.  Guru Dutt is sitting on top of Girnar.  So the fort of Uparkot is also amazing for its grandeur.


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 Tulsishyam is a place situated in scenic forests and full of natural beauty.  You can go from Ahmedabad by guessing.  If there is any village around Tulsishyam, only the forest of Afat Gir is spread.  Here Lord Vishnu and Vrinda i.e. Tulsi are glorified. Tulsishyam The greenery of the forest in this place gives peace to the mind  There is a temple of Shyamsunder Bhagwan and also a hot water tank.  The glory of bathing and worshiping in this pool is immense.


 Somnath is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas.  Th is a magnificent temple located on the coast of Saurashtra in the state of Gujarat.  Somnath is also mentioned in the Rig Veda.  Along with the temple there is also a stormy sea.  Apart from this, the triveni confluence of three rivers in Somnath is also worth seeing.


 Taranga is located in Satlasana taluka of Mehsana district.  There is a 1200 feet high hill called Taranga or Tarangahil.  This is only a part of the Aravalli range.  The beauty of the many hills of Aravalli stretched for miles.  At the same time, there are many Jain temples located here. This place is a center of faith for the Jain people.

 Forest of Gir

 Gir Sanctuary is a wonderful forest confluence with Savjo population.  In Asia, lions are found only in the open in the Gir Sanctuary.  A large number of people from all over the country and the world flock to Gir to see the lions.  Then for Gujaratis it is called an opportunity of good fortune.  The forest of Gir has natural as well as historical significance.  Along with the forest of Gir, which has a rich cultural heritage, the Mahabharata is also mentioned with some excerpts.  There are many resorts around Gir forest you can stop.  There is also a stop facility at Dhari, one end of Gir. You can also stop at Visavadar.

 Gir Kankai

 Gir Kankai is located 3 km away from Tulsishyam.  The temple of Kankai Mataji is located here.  So nature is in full swing here.  In the monsoon, the traffic to get here becomes negligible.  As Gir is in the middle of the forest and the maximum population of lions lives there, there is a danger of predators in the forest.

 Mandvi Beach

 The beach at Mandvi in ​​Kutch district is delightful.  Mandvi B is a beach similar to foreign beaches.  So far away the water is crystalline.  Samples of art are also found here.  Mandvi should also be visited to see and learn the arts of embroidery etc. of Kutch.

 Chorwad Beach

 Chorwad is a popular beach in Girsomnath. A holiday camp is also organized on the beach here.  Pilgrims come from far and wide to visit Chorwad, attracted by the beauty of the beach.  Apart from this, the Nawab's Palace located here is also a special sight.

 Polo Forest

 Polo Forest Forest is located in Vijayanagar taluka of Sabarkantha district.  It is 70 km from Himmatnagar and 150 km from Ahmedabad. The river Harnav flows through the middle of this forest. Large dams and many small barrages have been built. You can come here for twelve months.  So you can also get a one-day picnic.  The best time to come here is when it is monsoon. Nature will be seen blossoming with its sixteen arts which will captivate your mind. Currently, there is no facility to stay here.


 Located on the border of Gujarat and Maharashtra, this is a scenic spot and the only hill station in Gujarat.  Saputara is a place in the Sahyadri mountain range in Ahwa taluka of Dangs.  During the year, the temperature in Saputara never goes above 40 degrees.  Saputara is the only place to eat air in Gujarat.  The Tribal Museum in Saputara is also worth a visit.  At the same time boating is a pleasant experience.  There are also sunset and sunrise points from the hills.  Gira Falls, also known as Niagara Falls in Gujarat, a short distance from Saputara, is also a major attraction.